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The Definitive Guide to Email Marketing Automation

You CAN Learn 
How to Start Email Marketing

Automated email marketing should definitely be included in your marketing plan. It’s one of the most effective tactics around.  

But how do you start?
Our Automated Email Marketing Guide can show you! You will learn, step by step, how to set up your campaign for success.  

Why You Really Need This Guide

If your business needs a boost, automated email marketing is perfect for you. This tactic will help your company grow and achieve higher levels of success.  

Of course, your campaigns will only work if you know what you are doing. And that’s why you need this guide. It will teach you how to implement an automated email sequence. 

Once it’s in place, your business will reap the incredible benefits that email marketing has to offer.    

But Maybe You Don’t Have The Technical Know-How. 
No Problem!

The tools and steps found in this guide will teach you how to optimize your site without technical expertise.
The benefits of using this guide to learn about site optimization are too good to pass up. 

The benefits of a highly optimized site are endless. See what you can gain from optimizing your site today:

Bigger List

You can’t just throw an opt-in form on your site and expect your list to grow. Learn how to convince visitors to subscribe by reading this guide. Your list will grow rapidly!

Responsive Leads

Turning a lead into a customer is a process that requires a different approach for each stage of the customer journey. This guide will teach you what those stages are and how to tailor your emails to match each stage. The end result is an automated sequence that effectively nurtures your leads.

Increased Brand Awareness

As consumers become more familiar with your brand, they begin to trust it and won’t be able to forget it. An automated email sequence allows your company to maintain contact with subscribers, increasing their trust in your brand and helping them remember it.

More Productivity

Thanks to automated sequences, email marketing can be quick and easy, giving your team more time for other tasks that increase business growth.

More Sales

The final outcome of all the benefits already listed is an increase in sales. As your team makes more sales, your company will make more money, resulting in a thriving business.
Insider Look

Chapters Included

  • Introduction
        What is Email Automation?

        Why You Need to Create An Email Sequence?

  • Design Your Template First
        Follow These Crucial Practices for Effective Email Marketing
  • Email Marketing Best Practices Checklist
  • ​Build Your List
  • ​The Customer Journey
  • ​Different Emails for Different Stages
        Welcome Email

        Consideration Stage Email

        Decision Emails

        Post Purchase Stage
  • Email List Cleaning
  • ​Conclusion

Be Sure to Grab This Guide

Considering everything you have to gain with automated email marketing, you certainly don’t want to miss out. You also want to make sure you know how to get started.
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